Our Payroll Service

Our Payroll Service is a new way of doing payroll ….

We take complete control of payroll, from data collection to calculation, all the way through to distribution of payslips. All you need to do is supply us with the information using our state-of-the-art web portal and we will do the rest.

It’s like having a payroll expert in your office!

Our service includes:

  • Initial set-up of your payroll.
  • An Employer web portal accessible 24/7 to enter new employees, leavers, changes, period variations, sickness and also view payslips and P60’s.
  • An Employee web portal accessible 24/7 to view pay and tax information including payslips, end of year P60’s, P45’s and pension contributions.
  • Printed or e-Payslips, P60’s and P11D’s.
  • Process starters, leavers and amendments.
  • Timesheet import tool.
  • P11D’s
  • CIS
  • BACS File produced
  • Process variable pay instructions.
  • Calculations of PAYE and all statutory requirements.
  • Gross to net calculations.
  • Re-runs of your payroll.
  • Standard reports provided securely and electronically in PDF and Excel formats.
  • Approve, finalise and submit all RTI files to HMRC.
  • Automatically update tax codes and student loan notices for employees.
  • Auto-enrolment pension assessment, calculate contributions, provide communications for employees and submit contribution reports to pension provider.
  • Experienced and friendly UK based help-desk support.


Why outsource your payroll ….

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing payroll but perhaps the most significant is freeing you up to do what you do best – running your core business.

But, there are many other benefits to using our Payroll Service, including:

Lower Costs – If you are doing payroll ‘in house’, we will do it more efficiently than you can, because that is all we do and we use experts and state of the art technology to save time and costs. You also lose other associated costs such as payslips and other stationery and dealing with tax paperwork. If you use an external provider already – have a look at our fees – we could save you money !

Expertise – Managing payroll can be an onerous task for any employer or their internal staff managing it. You have to get it right, otherwise you could have some very unhappy workers!. By handing responsibility to us, who are experts in payroll, you won’t have to worry about getting it right. Also, no worries about coping with the busy periods such as the end of the month or the financial year end or having your ‘payroll person’ on holiday or off sick.

Keeping up to date – whilst a major part of payroll is managing staff remuneration, there’s more to it. Keeping up with taxation and legislation changes is critical and if not closely monitored could cause major headaches. Our Payroll Service will do this for you, we have the expertise to keep ahead of this ever changing landscape.

More accountability – mistakes are less likely to happen with our Payroll Service, because we are experts, but if they do happen it will be our responsibility to rectify them.

Freedom! – by using our Payroll Service, you are free to get on with making your business a success !


Our fees – we’ve kept life simple ….

We charge a discounted fee of £5.00 + VAT for each payslip issued irrespective of whether they’re issued on a weekly or monthly basis (normally £7.50 + VAT for non-FSB members)

 Other than where an additional fee is shown, the fee covers everything listed above including pension auto enrolment.

Occasionally you might want something ‘out of the ordinary’ in which case we may need to charge an additional fee but this would always be agreed with you in advance.


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