Our Premier Managed Service

Many SMEs are struggling with the administration of their Workplace Pension Scheme, and it’s the LAW that you have to get it right – every pay period!

It is for this reason FSB Workplace Pensions has developed a straightforward, cost effective and easy to use ongoing pensions management solution. We simply look after your pension scheme every pay period to ensure that YOU have complied – it’s a bit like having your OWN PENSIONS EXPERT in your office to run your scheme, all from only £12.50 per month. Think of the savings in time, stress and, because we are experts, no errors or mistakes!

What do I get?

Our Premier management service is exclusive to FSB member, and to help you concentrate on running your business our service will:

  1. Provide access to an easy to use, secure employer portal.
  2. Manage assessments & categorisation of staff. Even if contributions aren’t being made your employer duties still require an assessment to be done on your employees at every pay period.
  3. Calculate contributions for employees
  4. Submission of contributions to your chosen pension provider
  5. Organise, distribute and record all relevant employee communications
  6. Complete and document the Declaration of Compliance and any future Certification requirements (such as the triennial review)
  7. Ensure auto enrolment processes are kept up to date with any changes in legislation


If you have a scheme already setup (and it doesn’t have to have been set up by us!) with any of the following pension providers, and it’s been a headache to run, then we can help:

  • NEST
  • Legal & General
  • The Peoples Pension
  • SMART Pension
  • NOW: Pensions
  • Standard Life

Our Costs

We’ve developed a transparent charging structure for all our services. The costs for our ongoing management service are dependant on number of employees and your pay frequency, which are detailed in the table below:




Next Steps

So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, simply register your interest by completing the short form below and we will show you how to cure that headache, quickly!


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