About us

The FSB Workplace Pension service is provided by IFS Employee Benefits LLP on behalf of the FSB, under our trading name, FSB Workplace Pensions.

As Independent Financial Services (UK) Ltd we provided Independent Financial Advice for FSB members for almost 20 years but, as more and more of our work was in the Workplace Pensions arena, we decided to concentrate solely on workplace pensions from 2015 and so FSB Workplace Pensions was born.

FSB Workplace Pensions have helped over 7,000 members to set up their schemes and helped many thousands to comply with this legislation. We are 100% committed to helping small businesses manage their auto-enrolment duties in the most efficient way possible.

All our staff concentrate solely on Auto-Enrolment and related services, so you will always get through to an expert who will be able to help.